Digitisation & Scanning FAQs on Books and Journals

Scanning Books & Journals who can do this at Birmingham City University?

Unless you own the book or journal yourself, all published material (printed or electronic) is covered by UK Copyright Law. Birmingham City University, through Library & ICT, participates in a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Photocopying & Digitisation license.

This license allows the Library to digitise / scan published material using specialist book scanners. The electronic version, in PDF format only, is hosted on UCEEL (the Digital Library for Birmingham City University) to ensure license compliance. UCEEL is a web based service accessible to all students and staff who are registered Library users www.bcu.ac.uk

More information about the CLA license is available here

For any publication, staff need to make requests for electronic copyright clearance through UCEEL and there are limits to the amount that can be scanned from any single book or journal issue (i.e. 5% or one chapter which ever is greater).

How do I make a request?

Staff can make requests to using a special request form to their Faculty Librarian or to the UCEEL team directly (either by Birmingham City University internal post or as an email attachment).

Where Can I Obtain a Request Form?

Request forms and further details are available here

How Can I Be Sure that my Journal/Book Extracts will be on UCEEL when my students need them?

To speed up the process, we strongly recommend that you supply as much information as possible about the extract i.e. the book chapter(s) or journal article(s) you require.

Other pointers to help speed up the process:

If you have questions about completing the form, please contact your faculty librarian or UCEEL.

Who Pays for this?

How much can be scanned?

For UK material to be covered by the license, UCEEL can digitise for teaching purposes the same amount as the existing CLA photocopying licence i.e. tutors can request for any single course or module:

N.B. Visually impaired persons can legally be supplied with a text search able PDF of an extract. Please contact your Faculty Librarian for more details.

Can digitised materials be made available on Moodle itself?

Tutors can create DIRECT links on their Moodle pages to any item on UCEEL. To do this, tutors can simply log onto UCEEL and search for the item they are looking for. An option on the search results page allows tutors to simply COPY (CTRL & C keys) the URL appearing next to the file itself. Please DO NOT simply copy or save the file itself. The tutor can then simply PASTE (CTRL & V Keys) into their Moodle page(s).

It is important to note the only electronic / scanned items that can be held in Moodle by tutors or students is material they have created and own themselves. Any other published material being held on Moodle may not comply with copyright.

Digitisation Services for Tutors

UCEEL also scan/digitise and host all sorts of material including 35mm slides, photographs, maps, exam papers and student projects and dissertations. UCEEL hosts all digital versions of in-copyright video and audio material (after copyright clearance), including digitised TV and Radio Programmes. Tutors should contact their Faculty Librarian or UCEEL directly for more information and to make requests.

Contacts and Useful Links

Useful information and FAQs will shortly be available on Moodle and the Library web site for staff and students. In the mean time, please contact:

Keith Brisland (ext. 5299) for paper based works and general copyright help and support
Beverley Dodd (ext. 6350) or Nikki Griffin or Beth Delwiche (x. 6247) for electronic / digital / scanning based copyright help and support
Helen Ryba (ext. 7030) for support and help at Mary Seacole Library
For other UCEEL enquiries please phone x. 5286 or email:uceel@bcu.ac.uk